General Information

Exam referrals provide the Exam Accommodations Center (EAC) with information on how to correctly proctor exams for a course. Information provided in the referral includes the names of students referred to our center, available times for students to sign up for exams, allowed resources, and more. It is very important that exam referrals contain accurate, updated information so the EAC staff can effectively proctor exams.

Instructions on how to refer exams can be found below. A video tutorial is also available at the bottom of this page.

Questions about exam referrals should be directed to the Exam Accommodations Center at or 515-294-5197.


Visit our faculty portal, Accommodate (also linked on the main page of our site). 

In your Accommodate profile, open the Course tab on the right

Shows highlighted course tab on left of Accommodate screen

Click on the course and section you would like to add an exam to. Make sure that you are picking the specific course and section of the student/s you are trying to refer, otherwise the exam will not be made available to your student in our system.

Accommodate window with course name highlighted

On the Course page, click on the Course Exam Tab

Accommodate page with course exams highlighted

Click the red Add New Exam button.

Accommodate page with Add New Exam button highlighted

Student names 

  • Multiple names can be put in each exam, but the names should only be those of students enrolled in the specific course and section

Exam name

  • Ex. Exam 1, Midterm, or Quiz 1

Instructor name, email, and phone 

  • This information is used by EAC staff in case of questions and to ensure accurate records of exams.

TA/Department contact name and contact information (if applicable)

  • This information is also used by EAC staff in case of questions as well as to ensure accurate records of exams.

Answering the exam date questions

  • Answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to ‘Is the quiz/exam available over multiple days?’
  • First Date Quiz/Exam is Available
    • Click on the select button and choose the first date from the calendar that your exam is available
Accommodate screen showing calendar for selecting exam dates.

Last Date Quiz/Exam is available

  • If your exam is only for one day, click on the select button and choose the same date from the calendar that you did for the first date question
  • If your exam is multiple days, click on the select button and choose the last date from the calendar that your exam is available

Day(s) and Time(s) exam is available (Proctoring hours for the EAC are 8:15 am to 5:00 pm)

  • If you are scheduling an exam with a set start time, select only the time you would like the exam to start on the day of the week that correlates with your exam date
Screenshot of scheduling tool on accommodate
  • If you are scheduling an exam where students can take the exam anytime during a range of days, use click, shift+click to create a time range from 8:15 am to 5:00 pm or the end time you want the exam done by.
Second example of Accommodate scheduling tool with long list of times highlighted.

Regular Quiz/Exam Length (in minutes)

  • Choose how much time the rest of the class, not the students you are referring, will have to take the exam.

Will the Quiz/Exam be in Written Format or will it be Provided Via Canvas?

  • Pick either Written exam or Canvas exam which will open up additional options
Additional questions for written exams:
  • Pick how answers should be recorded, by either writing directly on the exam, using a scantron, or writing in a Bluebook
    • If you choose Scantron, pick what color scantron you would like to us to use
  • You will also be asked how you want to deliver your exams, either by uploading them to the exam page or by dropping off the exam in person
  • You will need to note how you want completed exams returned, either by scanning for virtual return, campus mailed back or held for physical pick-up
    • If you choose Campus Mail, you will be asked to provide an address for us to use for the return.
  • A place will appear for you to upload your exam copy
    • You do not need to utilize this function if you choose the drop-off option.
    • Click the upload file button to add your exam file
Additional Questions for Canvas exams:
  • Indicate whether your exam will require Lockdown Browser
  • Indicate whether there will be a password for your exam
    • Passwords are case sensitive
    • If there is no password, please note ‘No Password’

Please List Any Additional Resources the Student May Use to Complete the Quiz/Exam

  • Please be as specific as possible (i.e. what type of calculator, number of sheets of notes of necessary, etc.)
  • Please specifically note if electronic versions of books or notes are allowed, or if electronic devices are allowed for use, otherwise our center’s policy is that no electronics are allowed in the room.
  • If no additional resources are allowed, please note ‘None’

Is there any additional information that we should know to proctor the quiz or exam correctly?

  • Include any additional information that is not noted in the above questions that would help our team proctor your exam

Click the red Save button on the bottom of the page.

Video Tutorial

Video Poster