Student Rights and Responsibilities

Certain rights to accommodations are ensured to students by Iowa State University, both students and staff are responsible for upholding these rights.

Student Rights

  • Equal access to academic courses offered by Iowa State University.
  • Reasonable accommodations to ensure equal access.
  • Appropriate confidentiality of specific disability related information.
  • Timely receipt of documents in alternative formats, once appropriately requested.

Student Responsiblilities

  • Meet the University's qualifications and essential technical, academic, and institutional standards.
  • Request accommodations through Student Accessibility Services (SAS) for each semester you wish to use accommodations.
  • Provide current documenation of your disability as required by specific documentation guidelines.
  • Pay for all costs associated with obtaining testing, reports, examinations, etc. associated with documenting your disability.
  • Comply with all SAS and ISU policies and procedures, the University Code of Student Life, attendance policies, and academic standards.

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