Apply for Accommodations

Get Started in Three Easy Steps

1. Complete our registration form

 2. Schedule a Welcome Meeting

 3. Gather Documentation


    Get Started with Our Office

    If you are a student who believes they have a current and essential need for disability-related accommodations, our office may be able to assist you in receiving academic, dining, housing, facilities or assistance animal accommodations that help ameliorate the impact of your disability on campus. Please look at our three simple steps to learn how to apply for accommodations.

    Click here to complete the New Student Registration Form to start the process of applying for accommodations.

    Welcome Meetings are when our accessibility coordinators collect information about your experiences and needs to help guide you in the accommodation process.

    In this meeting, we will:

    • Provide a general overview of Student Accessibility Services
    • Respond to your needs, questions, and/or concerns
    • Inform you about other relevant campus resources

    What you can do to prepare for your Welcome Meeting:

    • Collect copies of your current documentation and send the documents to us (See Step 3 for more information!)
    • Think of questions to ask your coordinator

    What comes after the Welcome Meeting:

    • You will receive a follow-up email sent to your ISU email address with everything discussed in the meeting, including the next steps, resources, and accommodations we discussed 
    Schedule a Meeting on
    1. Click “Appointments” and then “Schedule an Appointment”.
    2. Select "Student Accessibility" for the Care Unit.
    3. Select "Welcome/First Meeting" for the Service.
    4. Select "Student Accessibility Services" for the Location.
    5. Then choose from available days/times and schedule your appointment.
    Or call (515)-294-7220 and ask for a Welcome Meeting!

    In order to get accommodations, we will need to review documentation explaining your disability with the diagnosis, impact, and/or past accommodations.


    Don't have documentation or are confused about what you should provide? Don't worry! Set up a welcome meeting with us and we can help.


    My coordinator was very helpful and explained the process very well. They provided instructions on the next steps and how to continue this process for the rest of my years here.