Students We Serve

Student Accessibility Services works with students with documented disabilities. Our staff reviews medical documentation to determine eligibility for academic, housing, facilities, assistance animals, and dining accommodations.

There are many types of disabling conditions that may cause students to request accommodations. Examples of these conditions include:

  • Specific learning disabilities
  • Attention deficit disorders
  • Mental health conditions 
  • Food and other environmental allergies
  • Conditions that impact mobility
  • Conditions that impact vision and hearing loss
  • Other long-term health conditions (i.e. diabetes, POTS, cancer, etc)

We also review documentation for temporary accommodations for medical conditions such as:

  • Broken bones 
  • Surgeries with extended recovery times
  • Concussions

Most short-term illnesses are not accommodated through our office. Students with concerns about missing class due to illness should work directly with their instructors to make up missed work.

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Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Office of Student Accessibility Services at Iowa State University is to provide comprehensive support, services, and determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations for college students with disabilities, in compliance with federal regulations and laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as well as relevant state laws. Our office is committed to ensuring equitable access and opportunities for all students, regardless of their disability status, and to promoting their academic and personal success. Through advocacy, collaboration, and individualized support, we aim to empower students to fully engage in their educational experience and to foster an inclusive campus environment. As aligned with the mission of the University and Division of Student Affairs, our work emphasizes the importance of serving all students in achieving their academic goals during their time at Iowa State

Religious Accommodations

Accommodations requested based on religion should be directed to the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO). Students may use the form to request reasonable accommodations based on their religion.

Religious Accommodations (OEO)

Pregnancy Support & Accommodations

The Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) handles any support and accommodation relating to Pregnancy. Students may use this form to request reasonable accommodations and supportive measures for their own pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation.

Pregnancy Support (OEO)

Parking Accommodations

ISU medical permits can be obtained from the ISU parking division office. Students, faculty and staff must present a current valid Department of Transportation parking permit for persons with disabilities in order to obtain an ISU medical permit.

ISU Parking Division