What is a Notification Letter?

  • Notification Letters provide instructors with an official notification of academic accommodations for the semester.
  • Students who are currently eligible for academic accommodations must request Notification Letters each semester by submitting a Semester Request within Accommodate.
  • After sending out a notification letter, students must also set up a meeting or other communication with their instructors to discuss their accommodations before accommodations will be implemented.

Please Note: Most housing, dining, and facilities accommodations will continue automatically each semester. However, some accommodations are fluid and students may meet with our Accessibility Coordinators at any point to reevaluate their needs.

How do I send Notification Letters?

  1. Submit a semester request on Accommodate
    • Watch our Semester Request Tutorial shown below to learn how to send your Notification Letters
  2. Reach out to your professor
    • Let your professors know that you want to discuss how the accommodations will work in their class
    • Send them an email, set up a meeting in person or online, or visit them during office hours
  3. Keep track of how your accommodations will work in each class
    • It is always a good idea to keep track of what plan was decided for each accommodation
    • Send them a follow-up email about what you discussed or keep track of the decisions you both made in the conversation
  4. Reach out to us if you need any help!

Semester Request Tutorial

Video Poster
Wondering how to get your accommodations started each semester? Watch the how-to video above!

Student Resources

  • The beginning of an email saying "Dear Professor"

    Email Template

    This email may be used as a guide in initial communication to instructors after notification letters are sent. Outreach to instructors is required so the student and instructor can meet to implement accommodations.

  • Image of planning tool for accommodations

    Accommodation Planning Tool

    You can utilize the accommodation planning tool to help organize your discussion and keep a record of the agreements made in the initial meeting with professors.