General Guidelines

Each student request is unique, and our documentation guidelines provide a general overview of the information our coordinators require when reviewing these unique requests. 

SAS will review any third-party documentation provided, including any recommendations for accommodations that may help us determine how best to assure equal access for the student. Documentation is most beneficial when it provides specific diagnoses with insight into how a disability impacts various academic experiences (testing, reading, etc.). When the recommendations are for support to enhance success or are considered outside the scope of what is necessary for equal access, the student will be referred to other resources and or given options that may be able to address the specific need. 

Please note that you should not delay meeting with us out of concern for not having the right paperwork. Each coordinator will discuss specific third-party documentation needs during the Welcome Meeting and steps you can take after the meeting. Our first priority is meeting with you, not reviewing the paperwork.

  • General Documentation Guidance and Information

    General information and guidance on documentation requirements

  • Questions for Medical Professionals

    Questions to consider when providing documentation for review

  • How to Submit Documentation for Review

    Options for documentation submission to our office

Requirements for All Requests

In reviewing documentation for accommodation eligibility, our office is looking for information that:

  • Identifies the disabling condition and the impact of that condition for which accommodations are being requested
  • Is provided by an appropriately-licensed professional
  • Is dated with Letterhead and Contact information

Our office does not accept the following as documentation:

  • Information that is illegible or in a language other than English
  • Information from non-appropriately licensed professionals
  • Research articles
  • Documentation that is provided by a member of the student's family

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