Assistive Technology


  • Notability - ($) Apple app, records while writing and typing, plays back at different speeds, plays back at point of writing and imports images and slides
  • Evernote - (free) Comes in a software and app format. Individual can insert audio (must manually create time stamps) or type into the application
    • Penultimate - (free) In addition to Evernote, this app is great for sketching or taking notes 
  • Sonocent Glean - ($, subscription) Bookmarks while audio records, the user can review and add notes. The recordings are broken up into smaller sections of information every time the program detects a pause making the audio easier to organize.
  • Live Scribe Pen - ($) Physical but has optional software, audio records while writing as well as has a playback feature at point of writing
  • OneNote - (free) Available on Mac but is very useful on Windows. Allows the user to sync notes across various devices. 


  • Kurzweil - ($) Cloud based, A text-to-speech software that allows the user to self-regulate their writing as well as provides a high accuracy in read aloud technology
  • Envision AI - ($, free trial), The app utilizes the phone camera to read text from paper
  • Voice Aloud Reader - (free) The app is utilized by the phone and requires imported PDFs
  • Mac OS - TTS is Option+Escape or using VoiceOver utilizing Command+F5
  • Readability - (free) Turns any webpage into a clean, customizable view for the viewer to read.


  • Grammerly - (free with premium option) Cloud/browser extension. The application offers advanced grammar and spell check for the user
    • Grammerly keyboard - Has the functions of a desktop keyboard for users to use with their computers along with the Grammerly software
  • Ginger Software - (similar to Grammerly) A software that corrects grammatical mistakes (punctuation, sentence structure and style)
  • Inspiration - (free) Apple software that helps with mind mapping and organized writing 
  • Dragon Speech Recognition - Speak into the device and the software will translate your words onto the screen. Software also allows the user to say commands which alerts the computer to do so. Students often use this program to help type papers, take exams and complete a variety of written work.
  • iMind - (free) Mind mapping software that enables a visualization of ideas and information

Time Management

  • Shovel - (free) Cloud based study planner
  • Forest: Stay focused - (free with optional purchase) Utilizes the pomodoro timer as well as provides motivational strategies
  • Focus Booster - (free 12 sessions/month or $2.99/month for 200 sessions) Digital implementation of the pomodoro technique and allows the individual to see progress
  • Alarmy - (free) iOS/Android: App that ensures the individual gets up when they are supposed to and does not allow the individual to utilize the snooze button. The app makes the individual complete a task such as solving a simple math problem, taking pictures of kitchen, etc.
  • myHomework Student Planner - iOS/Android: Keeps all the individuals assignments organized in one mobile planner. The individual can receive reminders about upcoming due dates and sync notifications across devices
  • Wunderlist - iOS/Android: Breaks down projects into tasks and creates custom to-do lists for every course. Individual can set due dates as well.
  • Trello - (free) Organizes tasks into priorities as well as shows tasks in phases such as done, do, and completed. The individual can create boards and share them with peers to work on them together

Study Skills

  • Brainscape - iOS/Android: An app that allows the user to make flashcards and self-assess how well they know the material. The lower the user assesses themselves, the more Brainscape will quiz the user on that flashcard. 
  • Quizlet - A website that allows the user to create new or review other users flashcards. The website also allows for the user to play games in order to learn the material as well as create practice exams/quizzes. 
  • Study Blue - A website that allows the user to create new or review other users flashcards. The website also provides notes and study guides from other students who've used the site. The user can also track progress, set reminders and create custom quizzes.