Academic Accommodation and Other Grievances

If any student, employee, applicant or campus visitor feels that they have been discriminated against, harassed or retaliated against by a student, employee, or third-party because of disability, they are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and/or file a complaint under the Discrimination and Harassment Policy.

ISU is committed to ensuring that its learning and working environments are free from all forms of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. ISU will take steps to prevent recurrence of any discrimination and to correct discriminatory effects on the complainant and others.  The university strictly prohibits and will not tolerate retaliation against individuals due to their assertion of their protected civil rights, including the filing of complaints of discrimination, participation in an investigation of such a complaint, and/or for requesting accommodations. Individuals who believe they are experiencing this form of retaliation are strongly encouraged to contact ISU's Office of Equal Opportunity.

ISU’s Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is the office on campus that is responsible for addressing the needs of students with disabilities. In order to receive disability accommodations, students and applicants must submit the required documentation described in SAS’s Applying for Accommodations Procedures.  The grievance process applies and must be followed whenever a student or applicant for admission alleges that the university and/or a university employee has denied or otherwise not provided approved reasonable accommodation(s).  Students experiencing difficulties with accommodations should contact SDR staff in a timley manner and follow the process outlined at SAS's Accommodation Grievances/Appeal Processes (for class-related concerns) for assistance.

Please note:  Employee accommodation-related grievances should be directed to ISU’s Office of Equal Opportunity.