SAS Registration Form

The transition to college is a challenging time for most students--and it may be more challenging for a student with a disability. Student Accessibility Services (SAS) staff recommends that students with disabilities contact our office as soon as possible so that we can work together to determine eligibility for services, identify likely challenges, and coordinate reasonable accommodations.

To receive academic, housing, dining, facilities, or assistance animal accommodations while studying at Iowa State University, you will need to work closely with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) staff and other campus partners and departments to ensure that your accommodations are in place and ready when classes begin.  To begin this interactive process, please:

  1. Fill out a Registration Form.

Documentation may be provided via:

Registration form:

Link to SAS Registration Form





1076 Student Services Building, 2505 Union Drive, Ames, Iowa  50011-2030

  • Documentation must meet our guidelines in order for you to become eligible for services.

For details please refer to our documentation guidelines.

     2. Contact SAS early if you know that you will need specific supports or accommodations outside of the classroom.

     3. Contact an Accessibility Coordinator to learn about the accommodations process and to discuss appropriate accommodations.

     4. Once you are found eligible for services, a Notification Letter will be generated for your instructors.

     5. After the initial semester, you will request Notification Letters each subsequent semester.

     6. Accommodations are fluid and you may meet with our Accessibility Coordinators at any point to reevaluate your needs.


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