How to Apply for Accommodations

The Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office supports students with disabilities related to the services and programs that enable their access to education and university life.

To receive academic, housing, dining, facilities, or assistance animal accommodations while studying at ISU, you will need to work closely with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) staff and other campus partners and departments to ensure that your accommodations are in place and ready when classes begin.

Follow these simple steps below to begin your accommodations process:

Step One

Complete the SAS Registration Form

Step Two

Provide any relevant documentation. Please note documentation must meet our guidelines in order for the student to become eligible for services. For more details, please review our Documentation GuidelinesAll student documentation and the student's file will be removed from our database five years after the last date of enrollment. Please maintain copies of your documentation for your own records. 

Documentation will be reviewed by the SAS team and any communication will be sent to the student's ISU email.

Step Three

After the documentation has been reviewed by the SAS team and the student is considered eligible for services, they will be invited to come to the SAS office (or a virtual meeting) for a welcome meeting to discuss the accommodations that have been given. During this appointment, the Accessibility Coordinator will walk the student through each of the accommodations, explain the Notification Letter process, and explain how to have a conversation with professors. 

Step Four

A Notification Letter will be emailed individually to professors in each class that the student would like accommodations for. It is the student's responsibility to contact each professor to discuss how their accommodations will be implemented. Instructors are not required to implement a student's accommodations until the student reaches out to them to discuss the details. If possible, we encourage all students to meet with their instructors during their office hours. 

Step Five

After the initial semester, the student will request Notification Letters each subsequent semester through Accommodate. 

Step Six

The student can contact an Accessibility Coordinator at any time if they are having issues with implementing or receiving an accommodation or if they having trouble accessing Accommodate.