Procedures for Implementing Academic Accommodations

Information for Instructors

You are being asked to provide academic accommodations for a student in your class who has a documented disability on file with Student Accessibility Services (SAS).  After a complete review of documentation and a meeting with the student, SAS staff has completed a thorough review of pertinent information and determined that the accommodations listed on the Student Accommodation "Notification Letter" (NL) are necessary and appropriate based on the student’s abilities and/or limitations.  With this in mind, the procedure for implementing this process is as follows: 

  1. Instructors shall review the "Notification Letter" as provided by their student and privately discuss ways to provide each accommodation indicated.  Be sure to ask any questions to ensure mutual understanding and to establish a good working relationship.  If either you or the student feels that additional accommodations are needed beyond those listed on the form, instructors should encourage the student to contact SAS at which time SAS staff will determine how to proceed related to delivery of the indicated accommodations.
  2. Instructors should contact the disability liaison in their department and/or a SAS staff member within 48 hours of reviewing the NL if they have concerns that any of indicated accommodations may alter course requirements or otherwise compromise the integrity of the course,  Departmental Disability Liaisons are listed at:
  3. Instructors should contact Student Accessibility Services staff at 515-294-7220 or at within 48 hours if they have questions/concerns or need assistance in providing the indicated accommodations.

Please note:  The University is legally required to provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities unless an accommodation will fundamentally alter the course.   We believe it is effective and beneficial when University personnel work together to provide accommodations allowing students equal access to all services the University provides.  Like all educational records, Instructors must be mindful of confidentiality and assure that information relating to disability accommodations is not disclosed to third parties, including other students. Thank you very much for your assistance in this process.