Exam Accommodations Center

EAC Hours of Operation--- Daily Monday-Friday

The Exam Accommodations Center (EAC) will be open for scheduled exams from 8AM - 5PM, Monday-Friday, with all exams completed by 4:45 pm.  All exams must be referred to the EAC in advance by instructors with each exam being completed by 5PM on the scheduled date.  Contact EAC staff at 4-5197 with questions.


Exam Center Guidelines

In order to maintain the quality and integrity of the services provided at the Exam Accommodation Center, the following guidelines, exam receipt requirements, and student expectations are in place:

  • Only students with a Notification Letter or a Temporary Educational Assistance letter are eligible to take exams in the EAC.
  • Professors/Instructors are encouraged to provide exam accommodations when possible. However, Professors/Instructors may work with EAC staff to arrange exam accommodations by completing the online referral form.
  • Professors/Instructors must complete the exam referral form at least 1 week prior to the exam to assist EAC staff with scheduling.
  • Student should confirm exam arrangements with Professor/Instructor at least 1 week prior to the date of the exam.
  • Exams must be scheduled in advance with the Exam Accommodations Center-- drop-in exams will not be allowed.


Accommodations and Canvas Exams

  • Kurzweil, the text-to-speech software utilized by Student Accessibility Services, is not accessible with Lockdown Browser.  If you utilize a Lockdown Browser for Canvas exams/quizzes, and your student requires Kurzweil, please provide a printed version of the exam to the Exam Accommodations Center.  Instructions for printing Canvas exams.
  • Accommodations for extended time on Canvas exams must be completed in Canvas by the course instructor-- see Instructions for extending time in Canvas.  NOTE: EAC staff do not have access to your Canvas courses. 


Information for Faculty and Staff

Exam Scheduling

  1. All exams should be referred to the EAC 1 week prior to scheduled exams/quizzes by completing the form located at EAC referral form.
  2. All final exams must be referred to the EAC by Thursday of Dead Week.  Exams referred after this date will not be accommodated in the Exam Accommodations Center.

Exam Receipt Requirements

  1. The exam should be received by the EAC 1 week prior to the scheduled exam.
  2. A reminder e-mail will be sent to the professor the day immediately prior to the exam date if the exam is not in the possession of EAC staff.
  3. If the exam is not in the possession of EAC staff at the scheduled start time, attempts will be made to contact the instructor and department via e-mail and telephone.
  4. The student will be required to remain in the exam accommodations center for 15 minutes as EAC staff attempt to locate a copy of the exam
  5. If the exam is not located within 15 minutes of the scheduled exam start time, the student will be allowed to leave the testing center.
  6. The Professor/Instructor will be responsible for rescheduling the student’s accommodated exam.


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