Our Mission

The Student Accessibility Services (SAS) at Iowa State University is a unit in the Dean of Students Office that supports students with disabilities to coordinate support services and programs that enable access to education and university life.  SAS believes that equity, social justice, and diversity are essential to creating/maintaining an environment of equal access and opportunity for all. We believe that disability is a naturally occurring aspect of the diversity of life and that it is an integral part of society and to the Iowa State University campus community. 

How we accomplish our mission:

  • Provide information and assistance regarding reasonable accommodations for qualified students with disabilities.
  • Partner actively with teaching faculty, staff, the Dean of Students Office, and the University community to create environments that are accessible, usable, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable. 
  • Promote awareness and equal access through training, partnerships, innovative programs, outreach, education, and coordination of reasonable accommodations.
  • Serve as a point-of-contact for any individual interested in learning about eligibility for services and reasonable accommodations at Iowa State University.  
  • Support individuals with disabilites to become responsible decision-makers and self-advocates in charge of their own education and future.