COVID-19 Health Implications and Related Student Accommodations 

This webpage is for: 

  • Students who are at high-risk for severe illness if exposed to COVID-19 and;

  • Students who are not able to wear face coverings due to a medical or mental health condition

Students can request COVID-19 related accommodations in different ways based on their situation. To simplify the process, we have created three categories:

Category 1:  I AM AT HIGH RISK

This category refers to students that are at an increased risk for severe illness due to certain underlying medical conditions as defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

  • If you believe that you need additional information about taking extra precautions regarding COVID-19 because you are considered high risk, please look at the Guidance for Students Who May Need to Take Extra Precautions Due to COVID-19  provided by the Dean of Students Office.
  • Students who are at high risk should work with their academic advisers and instructors to enroll in online courses. Best practice is for high risk students to participate in classes and campus activities from a remote setting. Thus, if you require academic modifications related to COVID-19, please follow up with your advisor and instructor. If your adviser and/or instructor cannot assit you in this request, please contact our office at 515.294.7220 or at to schedule an appointment to talk with an Accommodations Coordinator. We also ask that you complete the SAS Registration Form.

After completing this step, please proceed to the process below, if applicable.


This category refers to students who cannot tolerate wearing a face covering due to a medical condition or mental health condition. 

On receipt of valid medical documentation from a qualified healthcare provider, Student Accessibility Services (SAS) will determine eligibility and appropriate COVID-19 related accommodations. SAS will assist students in exploring alternatives to wearing a face covering such as wearing a face shield or exploring online class options. For any student who cannot wear face coverings, the best practice is for that student to participate in classes and campus activities from a remote setting.  Thus, if you require academic modifications related to COVID-19, please follow up with your advisor and complete steps 1 & 2 below.

NOTE: No student will be allowed to enter buildings or attend in-person instruction without a face covering.  Doing so will cause unreasonable risk to the health and well-being of that student and others.

If you were previously registered with the Student Accessibility Services office to receive accommodations for a disability, skip to Category 3.
If you were not previously registered with SAS for a disability accommodation, begin the COVID-19 accommodations application process as follows:   

  1. Complete the SAS online registration form.
  2. It will be necessary for all students to provide specific documentation from a qualified healthcare provider to assist in determination of eligibility for accommodations. Click Documentation Guidelines to learn about the specific information needed to assist in the determination of your eligibility for accommodations.


This category refers to students who have previously registered with Student Accessibility Services AND are at high risk and/or cannot tolerate wearing face coverings.

If you already work with Student Accessibility Services to access disability related accommodations, please contact SAS as soon as possible regarding your COVID-19 related concerns by taking the following steps:

  1. Log into your Accommodate account and submit a Supplemental accommodation.
    1. Click Accommodation from the left menu.
    2. Choose Supplemental from the list and then click Add New to create your request.
  2. Schedule a virtual appointment online through Accommodate, call 515-294-7220, or e-mail

Frequently Asked Questions

As a registered Student Accessibility Services student, what if I need my instructor to wear a clear mask?

SAS has already notified instructors for students who receive accommodations such as captioned videos and captioning or interpreting services. If you did not receive those accommodations, please notify SAS so they can reach out to your instructors. SAS can also provide you with clear masks to provide to your instructors. Please contact Student Accessibility Services at 515-294-7220 or e-mail

What accommodations can I receive if I am at risk for severe illness?

Accommodations are determined based on your documentation, individual needs, and other factors. Please visit the SAS website here for next steps.

Due to a medical and/or mental health reason, what if I am not able to wear a face covering?

Student Accessibility Services will review options with you which may involve wearing a face shield or taking online classes. Please visit the SAS website here for next steps.

I still have a lot of questions about the impact of the virus and returning to campus.  Where can I find information?

A variety of resources and answers to your questions may be found on the COVID-19 FAQ Page.